New Technology Can Reduce Heat Exchanger Energy Use by 18% and Cleaning Costs up to 80%

Anti-Fouling Heat Exchanger Solutions, Inc. introduces a novel technology that finally solves the fouling problem facing most heat exchangers. Proven dramatic results show it can help companies save thousands of hours of cleaning and millions of dollars in costs every year.

Over 90% of all heat exchangers suffer from fouling. It affects processing equipment plates, nozzles, turbines, pipes and flow channels. The USA alone spends about $7 Billion a year combating the problem.

In the dairy industry costs rise even higher. Cleaning fouled equipment costs up to 80% of the total operating expenses!

Industries Affected by Heat Exchanger Fouling:

  • Dairy
  • Other Foods
  • Water
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oils & Petroleum

Proven Benefits

The new anti-fouling coating is effective on metal, metal alloy, ceramic, glass, graphite, composite material, concrete or polymer and stainless steel. It has been shown to:

  • Increase the heat transfer co-efficient by 10-20% compared to an uncoated surface
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs by up to 18%
  • Reduce cost of cleaning chemicals, time and labor by up to 80%
  • Increase production capacity up to 16%

Anti-Fouling Heat Exchanger Solution’s technology has also proven to be:

  • Food Safe. Safe for all food, water, and beverage processing
  • Durable. Lasts more than 12 months or 4 X longer than the top competitor
  • Strongly Adhesive. Won’t flake off
  • Less than 50nm thick. Thin coating does not reduce pipe flow
  • Easy to Apply to new equipment
  • Simple to Retrofit in old equipment

Extensive Testing

This anti‐fouling coating has been tested in Australia, Asia, and Europe. Each site benefited from direct savings in energy costs and increased production rates.

  • A commercial dairy tested the food-safe anti-fouling technology on 2‐ton/hour and 4‐ton/hour heat exchangers for more than 10 months continuously. The anti-fouling coating remained secure and effective.
  • ➢ The coating has been applied in‐situ to different types of heat exchangers, including plate HX, UHT HX, spiral tube, and open boiling pans.
  • ➢ The anti‐fouling coating reduced or eliminated water scaling in the water cooling system of heat exchangers. It cut cleaning frequency from once a month to every 3 months.


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