Increase Production Capacity by up to 16% with New Anti-Fouling Coatings

The dairy industry faces high costs because of the energy intensive nature of the processing. Now there’s a way to reduce those costs and increase production.

Cleaner heat exchangers will permit more milk and dairy product to flow longer before a shutdown for cleaning. And that cleaning process will go faster with Anti-Fouling Heat Exchanger Solutions new anti-fouling coating.

Currently the dairy industry loses time and money through these fouling costs:

  • Additional energy costs when efficiency drops
  • Lost productivity
  • Additional equipment
  • Manpower
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental impact
  • Deterioration in product quality


Fouling costs in the Netherlands exceed 40 million US dollars every year. Imagine the cost to the US dairy industry which produces 196 billion pounds of milk or over 10% of the world wide dairy products.

Fouling in heat exchangers can affect production in the cooling, heating, and short-term heating of milk, yogurt, desserts, ice-cream mixes, cream, and the cooling of curd. Milk fouling is so rapid the heat exchangers need to be cleaned daily.

If it takes 20% more time for your machines to foul to the point that it needs cleaning and if you can reduce cleaning time and costs by up to 80%, what would that mean to your bottom line?


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